March Peace Challenge: Marching towards Forgiveness

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“This month I challenge you to post about forgiveness. Publish a post that exemplifies the power of forgiveness.”  Kozo Hattori


To forgive or not to forgive

Do I prefer to present a gift of forgiving thus, replenishing my resolve to move forward into being?


Do I prefer to dispense an unforgiving nature thus, depleting my energy of being?

I choose to reload my energy and not nourish

the effort, of keeping a wicks burning flame alive

when my eyes alone, keeps vigil of the flicker.

candle out


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February Peace Challenge: Mad Men

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“This month we are asking you to be Don Draper and construct an advertisement for peace.” –Kozo

“Each piece of the puzzle creates a unified whole…


lets jigsaw peace into our interwoven masterpiece of existence!”


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January Peace Challenge: Acts of Kindness

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  Bloggers for Peace (B4Peace) 2013 started with this very first challenge.

“For this challenge write about a daily/weekly gesture or act of kindness that you perform to create peace in your home and/or community.” -Kozo

Each day when I wake, my eyes open and I am alive. I can motion my entire body the way my brain signals my limbs to move and when I wish to speak, the words flow from my tongue clearly and I am understood.

Once upon a time, I woke up and was alive— only, my limbs would not move the way my brain signaled and when I spoke, my words did not flow from my tongue clearly.

My family guided me back into a bearable existence.

Strangers in a hospital placed me securely on a path to recovery

fellow patients were constant reminders, home is where I wanted to be.

Each day when I wake, my eyes open and I am alive. I am a respecter of life and the act of kindness is bestowing onto my mind, brain, body and soul the will to survive each and every day, which quite frankly brings peace upon myself and all who come into contact with my being…here.

“The great thing about an attitude is that it’s yours and you can change it.” Joyce Meyer


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September Peace Challenge


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“For this month’s Peace Challenge, I challenge you to post a quotation that will bring peace to the world.”

Dear Kozo, I hope I can bring peace to myself and the world around me.

♥ ♥ ♥

If we embrace the power of our inner strength, peace can spread within darkness,  sprout during a drought and shine like a ferocious quasar from the farthest distance of impossibility.




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Photo taken by:

Adam West



“An eternal bloom which can never cease to exist around nor inside me– even in my darkest of hours, days, weeks, months or years.”   


More quotes from me to you!

Free 2 B


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Free to Be


Dedicated to:  momentum of joy

“Being” by 1girl4adamwest

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It was an alluring connection of tender lips

leaving sweet remnants of a melodious kiss.

I was unaware these kind of feelings could exist,

While consumed with unblemished bliss

My eyes closed as our lips parted,

could he hear my heart pounding and no longer guarded?

I yearned for sweet pleasures.

The touch of his lips, I shall treasure.

languidly I opened my eyes and to my surprise,

I am pleasurably enslaved in a love built fortress.


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Who are Heartfriends?


Those who lift your heart…effortlessly.

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Can you see me?

“I am more…

Bluethan mediocre eyes can see and closed minds can comprehend”


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My Apologies

My Apologies

Do you believe resentment, cultivating deeply rooted hurt, can subside when a sincere apology is provided?  If the different vessels, whom you believe poured an onslaught of callous intentions, upon your personal conceptions and idealisms of living a good life offered an apology, what would happen? 

I’m sorry…

You were dismissed.  My words tore you apart.  Communication stopped.   Your privacy was invaded.  I didn’t choose you.  I maliciously tarnished your reputation.  Your livelihood was jeopardized.  Your personal belongings were put in a trash bag.  I wasn’t who I said I was.  You made the wrong choice, out of the two I gave you.  You almost died.


Maybe it’s best if the apology, comes from the one who fights to swim under inevitable waves of repercussions into a life of meaningful substance.  

After all, unfavorable predicaments do not have to define us.  

With my apology, should a plan evolve?  Absolutely!  

I will practice each day, building positive designs to co-exist with my sorrow and my head will remain held high and my smile will show through any mist.

I’m not sorry…  

I learned to exist.  I pieced myself together.  I demand communication.  I learned to protect my own privacy.  You gave me a gift, when you did not choose me.  My character shines through, a tarnished reputation.  My livelihood will never be sacrificed again.  You cleared out, what you thought was trash.  I found out, who you really were.   Bad choices can help one evolve, into a better human being.  I survived to see the beauty of my life.

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