August Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music

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“For this month’s Peace Challenge I want to invoke the power of music.  Post a song or video of a song that has brought peace to your world. Feel free to explain how this music has created peace.”  Kozo Hattori

I will turn on this song and sing along with fierce compassion and all of my being–for each lyric is truly liberating and with liberation comes P E A C E !

  “I’m free” by Amber

I am a true, true woman
with a clear face and a strong view
You can try me but, I stay in balance
because I have my own crew

I don’t care who likes me or not
I don’t care what you see because I’m free
because I’m free
I just want to be myself
I don’t owe you because I’m free

I am somebody else
so respect me for what I am
nobody should dictate me and my mind
For I know where I stand

I don’t care who likes me or not
I don’t care what you see because I’m free
Because I’m free
I just want to be myself
I don’t owe you because I’m free

Free to live
Free to need
Free to love
Free to bleed
Free to speak
Free to cry
Free to die

I don’t care who likes me or not
I don’t care what you see because I’m free
Because I’m free
I just want to be myself
I don’t owe you because I’m –
Yes believe me for I’m-
Don’t you know because I’m


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11 Responses to August Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music

  1. That song has such a great message – we all need to be allowed to be ourselves, we can’t truly live without being ourselves and feeling free. I know my parents both struggled to be themselves for all sorts of reasons, and it was sad to see that, but they did have more success with that in their later years, so that was good to see! 🙂

    Here’s one I posted on my Tumblr blog a few weeks a go – Celine Dion with a song written by Sia. It’s her latest single on her new album, and I think it’s actually about someone coming out of depression, although it could be about a real coma too, or any situation where a person feels locked in and trapped, but freed because the person they needed most stood by them and waited for them to come back to life!

    The problems you’re having with the video link – you might want to try adding your You Tube link as the first thing in your post, press save, and then go back in to add your text and any images afterwards. I have to do this with my blog, otherwise all videos come out as a blue link, not an actual video, not sure why this is but it’s very annoying, something to do with the embedding code I would imagine. Doing it that way seems to solve the problem for me anyway. I hope that it works for you! 🙂

    • Hi My Friend! Thank you for listening to the song!!!! That means a lot to me. I have struggled lots but, I love bursting out of the mold everyone has tried to clump me into all my life. It’s hard but, can be done. I LOVE the Celine Dion song that Sia wrote!!!! It’s riveting when you connect to what it’s saying, WOW! I shall add the song onto my iPod!!! Thank you for sharing because I have never heard it before. I shall try your tip on the adding a video and see if I have luck. Thank you soooooo very VERY much for the tip. YOU ROCK!!!!

    • It worked!! It worked!!!! Thank you again!!!! Now my blog looks cool with the video and it’s all a one stop read! LOL Thank you for being AWESOME YOU!!!!

      • That great – you’re very welcome!! 😀 All these blogs have peculiar little quirks and problems! My brother had the same theme as mine, and he didn’t have to embed the video first at all, no problem on his – strange that! I shall try and remember to add this suggestion to my WordPress tips page, as I hadn’t thought that others may be having the same mysterious problem! 🙂

      • Mystery solved!! Yippee!

  2. Beautiful song and Amber’s voice is fantastic.

  3. Claudia says:

    Awesome song! I’m going to itunes to buy it and add it to my ipod! Right now, I needed a song like this. I’ve always been very insecure and often don’t realize I am free. Thank you for this reminder!! 🙂

    • It makes me happy you like! Each time I listen to this song, I’m reminded that no matter how I serf threw my valleys I can indeed lift myself to my peaks because, as you said…I am free. : )!!!!

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