October Peace Challenge: I Have a Dream

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“Let’s visualize what a peaceful world will look like. For this month’s peace challenge, I challenge you to publish what your dream of peace looks like…” 

Kozo Hattori

peace nature

I observed with unabashed joy as the Red Robin soared through the clear southern sky, floating effortlessly in unison with the gentleness of the wind. I watched the strong and agile wings on this striking bird, swaying back and forth above the earth as all the human inhabitants scurried about tending to their busy lives below, oblivious of its flight. To my delight the bird landed swiftly, perching on top of an auburn branch connected to a huge and beautiful oak tree, mere yards from the park bench where I was sitting. It was a breezy summer day and a glorious way to welcome a much-anticipated Saturday afternoon. I contemplated how Red Robins are eye catching with their vibrant red color and their ability to greet daybreak with a song, unique to their own species. These thoughts brought an instant smile to my lips. I believe when one finds simplistically beautiful traits in nature one can find beauty in all things. The bird suddenly flew away leaving the sound of fluttering branches behind as it ascended, back into the heavens and within that precise moment, I realized one cannot change the way of their nature, just like the Red Robin cannot change the brilliant red color of their bodies or the song they are born to sing.

Imagine, if our true Peacemakers were allowed free reign and the peace-breakers of the world were stripped of power.


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19 Responses to October Peace Challenge: I Have a Dream

  1. LAND OF FUN says:

    Really a sweet post , full of great mesaage !
    Be happy my friend -You are spreading peace with so much love !

  2. Kozo Hattori says:

    Love the imagery, M. Reminds me of Gerald Manley Hopkin’s “the windhover.” Yes, peace is nature/nature is peace. Thanks for being a peacemaker. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you Kozo! I googled Gerald Manley Hopkin’s “the windhover” and it’s beautiful —the life story of Hopkin’s is amazing. Thank you for introducing me to the Poet. We teach and learn so much from these challenges…again, thank you for bringing us so much peace!

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  4. Yes Marie a pondering thought. So many people are behaving unnatural. The imagery in your writing is excellent.

  5. poojycat says:

    great words! i can easily imagine opening a “peacemakers factory” 🙂

  6. Beautiful imagery, Marie. You must join us on Ligo Haibun Challenge. I was thinking while reading it that a haiku will compliment this excellent piece wonderfully. 🙂

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  9. Such wonderful thoughts on that Robin!♥ We need these ‘little’ profound moments in life to help our minds clarify certain other thoughts, to make them stand out among the busyness in our day to day life. I think moments like this help to keep us all sane! And so beautifully said too! 🙂

  10. Sun says:

    yes, Marie, as Celestine commented – attach a haiku to this and voila, a perfect haibun! 🙂 enjoyed your offering this month. ♥

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