March Peace Challenge: Marching towards Forgiveness

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“This month I challenge you to post about forgiveness. Publish a post that exemplifies the power of forgiveness.”  Kozo Hattori


To forgive or not to forgive

Do I prefer to present a gift of forgiving thus, replenishing my resolve to move forward into being?


Do I prefer to dispense an unforgiving nature thus, depleting my energy of being?

I choose to reload my energy and not nourish

the effort, of keeping a wicks burning flame alive

when my eyes alone, keeps vigil of the flicker.

candle out


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14 Responses to March Peace Challenge: Marching towards Forgiveness

  1. poojycat says:

    yeess! 🙂 the power of forgiveness! great words Marie ~

    • Thank you! Hey Poojy, do you think its okay once you internally forgive someone and still keep them out of your life? I guess example would be you forgive someone but, they are still bad people so, you keep distance from them at all time. Is that still forgiveness?

      • poojycat says:

        oh, hmm… 🙂 Marie, i think once forgiveness goes from your heart, then, you are following your heart and it’s always right…so when it tells you ‘you don’t need this person in your life’ it completely – in my opinion, fine to do so. I sometimes imagine saying to this person ‘freely, I hold you in a light, I’m free and you are free and all again is well between us. peace be with you. i forgive you and release you. go your own way and be happy’ – its from the law of forgiveness by connie domino – a book i have on my mind to read 🙂 i am aslo interested what is your opinion about it, such an interesting subject! 🙂

      • I totally agree with that concept. What a beautiful way to explain what was puzzling me. I’m Going to pick up the book by Connie Domino right now, my local book store had 1 copy left! And only 12 bucks! Good deal! Thank you for sharing with me! I shall read the book & get back with you. Xoxo!!!

  2. To forgive is divine. Wonderfully written, Marie.

  3. Yes, whatever people choose to believe on forgiveness, there is one thing we need it for, not necessarily for others, but to free ourselves from carrying unforgiveness around, eventually it becomes such a weight – not good for our souls! 🙂

    • I love what you share here. It’s looking to “…free ourselves from carrying unforgiveness around…” it’s true it does become a weight and I’m all about unloading the heaviness so our spirit can soar!!! Thank you, my wonderful friend!

  4. A great share But to really benefit from the “forgiveness” dividend, we need to create space inside. Which would imply that we need to be able to remove some of the clutter relating to slights, affronts, non-acknowledgements etc. which resides within. This is easier said than done however since they do grow tentacles into some of our deepest beliefs.

    So what could be done to move forward?


    • Yup, forgiveness must be in agreement to ones inner man and moving forward is like the picture of the candle, let the flame that burns, blow out. Thank you, for reading and once again your great insights!

  5. Love these metaphors. Keeping vigil of the flicker.

  6. Kozo Hattori says:

    Love the imagery at the end, M. Forgiveness often feels like an end of burning–so soft and cool. Thanks for blogging for peace. I really appreciate you going back and doing all the challenges. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you for catching the imagery I was trying to show!! Kozo, these challenges are truly helping me grow in understanding…I wish I would have started in January with the rest of the B4 Peace Bloggers. Thank you again for doing this for all of us and our Peace movement!!!

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