There is no place like home…really!


May 2, 2008

After a day of viscously cycling in a pattern of, figuratively speaking, standing tall on the job yet getting knocked down only to bounce back up, with an ever present and contagious smile, accompanied with my instilled determination to keep my cool.  I calmly decided, within the confines of my cubical dwelling, I was done!

The weekend was moments away.

Once the clock hands struck my magic leaving time, I was out the door and literally running to my car!

Finally free!

Blasting the music inside my car and blocking the negative thoughts whirling within my mind, I started heading west on the interstate towards a place I could recharge my internal battery and refocus my mind.

My destination was not a bar, a club, a friends house nor a hotel…

I was heading to the house I grew up in, to my old bedroom still remaining as I left it, so many years ago.  Home…where I knew my parents would greet me with great joy, love and no unwanted questions.

I was exhausted.  Work wheeled the last blow and the pressure from expectations of keeping everyone within my inner circle happy, during the week, tested my resilience to a point of knowing, I needed to step back and regenerate my happy self.

As I pulled up to my parent’s house, I sat inside my car and thought…this is the one place, I do not find grief.  I can be who I am with no restraints.  I never hear complaints about my career path, weight or why I do not have a baby yet.  My parents “get” me.  After years of watching over me, teaching me and letting me go…they finally understand me.

I enter the house and all my worries melt away instantly, with the hugs that welcome me.  My folks are ecstatic to have me home and spending a spontaneous weekend with them.

I can only hope if, I am ever blessed with a child, the adult my child will grow into will one day, seek to find comfort and support wherever I am.  When life gets a tad hectic, I would want him or her to know instinctively they can always come home.

As I type these words, I feel my peace.  I am good.  I am better than good…I am home.




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29 Responses to There is no place like home…really!

  1. reneeboomer says:

    What a beautiful post! I so enjoyed reading your post, as I could feel your security of home as your parents hugged you tight. You reminded me so much of my adult son and daughter as they have told me how much they love me and know they can come over or just talk and talk. I know I can’t fix them, although I can listen and that in itself helps them immensely. hugs to you my friend. 🙂

    • Thank you !! and you too are a parent who has raised your children to know where their safe haven of love is and they will do the same for their children, its a beautiful on going continuing gift of blessings from caregiver to child and one day will be reversed as our parents grow in age…we shall protect them.

      • reneeboomer says:

        You are so welcome. Yes, we will protect them always. Yes again, I see that care and love with my daughter and son-in-law towards their 2 kidlets. They love ‘home’ and they feel love and they are safe. On the other hand, the grand kidlets know my home is ‘home-away-from-home) when mommy and daddy are away. hugs, Renee 🙂

      • This is pure Love, so awesome! (((Hugs)))

  2. Aahh – this is lovely! There’s definitely no place like home! 🙂 I don’t have the luxury of those visits now days (both parents gone) but mine were like this too, always loving, understanding, and even asked me how they should decorate my room after I left home! I said “Any how you like!” They replied “But it’s your room!” 🙂 Good parents are a treasure, and never stop being mum and dad, no matter how old they get!! 😀

    • Thank you, my friend! I cherish every day with my folks they are my hero (Dad) & shero (mom). Your parents instilled the same stronghold for you as mine have…what a legacy for us to share with our loved ones!

  3. What a wonderful feeling. You are truly blessed.

  4. poojycat says:

    amazing words Marie! i love it, especially because i feel similar way when i visit my parents coming home! so precious are those moments when you are surrounded by all those beautiful and peaceful emotions! xo

  5. Kozo says:

    You are blessed. Thank your parents for raising such an incredible spirit. I hope my sons feel the same way some day. Maybe your parents can write a book on how they did it because it seems to me that you are in the minority who feels they truly have a home. {{{hugs]}} kozo

    • I was blessed with parents who have always loved me unconditionally and this I know is indeed a blessing AND my friend, I can guarantee you…your sons will feel the same because their seed of love is already planted inside them.

  6. LAND OF FUN says:

    Awesome Post dear friend !

  7. diannegray says:

    What beautiful parents and such an inspiring post! You are all blessed 😀

  8. Home is where your heart is, Marie. A wonderful post 🙂

    • I have a painted rock with hearts on it and those almost exact words written on it. I have lugged that rock to all the places I have lived. So true! Thank you Beautiful!!!

  9. Karina says:

    What a joy to experience. Very descriptive and heart felt.

    As we moved around so much as a kid, I never got to experience that ‘home’ feeling. Although, I must admit, I do get that same feeling when embracing my Dad in any given location 🙂

    • Thank you! I love the quote, “home is where your heart blooms” and that’s why you will always feel that same sense of love and security no matter where your Dad lives. ❤

  10. Wackadoodle! says:

    this has got to be one of my absolute favorite post of all time, seriously. Even though I can’t relate, I still think it makes people like yourself feel happy just by reading your happiness. I am so happy for you, that you have some place to go to clear your mind and feel…at home. Not all of us have that, no matter how much we wish for it.

    • Thank you. I’m blessed with a loving family and without them I would not be here today–literally, they helped me survive a serious trauma and were by my bedside when I awoke out of a coma in 2010. I observed while in the hospital after I awoke and my awareness was recovered—many people in the ICU, CCU, PCU and rehab units I was in– never had any family visit them. You are correct, Not all of us have that support system no matter how much we wish for it and that makes me deeply sad and always will.

  11. That is so lovely friend and so well written.

  12. Claudia says:

    I want my son to feel the same way, too. Beautiful post! 🙂

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