The Replacement

The Replacement

After Michael found a replacement, he immediately kicked his girlfriend out of his life and the home they shared together.

The girl was devastated, she lost her love and sense of emotional security.

As time passed, Michael would call and text to inquire how she was doing. Excitement would stir within herself with touches of sweet familiarity, each time he reached out, as seeds of hope would blossom deep within, only to wilt once he confirmed he was still, happily unavailable.

One day, he made arrangements to meet with the girl and when they met, he shared his news…he married the replacement.

An awkward moment for the girl.

On her side of the moment, although her heart was breaking with shattering pieces of embarrassment and feelings of dejection inundated her being, she smiled, offered congratulations and bid Michael farewell.

The girl felt loss, once again.

The earth kept rotating, the sun remained in position and her tears eventually subsided as life propelled forward and she continued living.

The girl often wondered if Karma would kiss Michael one day, but instead of obsessing over emotional justice being unblinded, she quietly continued existing while dismissing the periodic texts from the now, married Michael.

A couple of more years passed and she received a text from Micheal and this is how the text conversation ensued.

Michael: “I just saw your sister at a funeral. So good to see her. I understand congratulations are in order. Looks like we both have done well.  Wishing you all the best.

The girl: “Thank you, Michael”

Her sister called her later and shared how stunned Michael looked when he heard of the girls recent marriage and realization dawned, he was not the only one who could move forward, for the girl he carelessly tossed aside had blossomed, with no need to gloat.

Moral of the story:

We are all indispensable humans

Indispensable-absolutely necessary, essential, incapable of being disregarded or neglected. 


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14 Responses to The Replacement

  1. You told a nice story. We dwell on the past thinking we left a trail of pain. But learn we weren’t missed. This frees us to be happy. You did really good.

  2. Good story as to the strong truth that there can always be a beautiful side to ugly. Good job sweetness.

  3. A fine story, Marie. There is a saying here that when you are afraid of divorce you will not get a good marriage. Clearly he was not indispensable after all. 🙂

  4. poojycat says:

    i love the story – perfect example that if you don’t get something it means that you will get something much better 🙂

  5. Karina says:

    That is such an awesome story!!!
    I feel empowered because I can relate to that girl.
    Pain is inevitable but suffering is option XO

  6. johncoyote says:

    I believe in karma. I have pay the price for wasting love. People who are never content awake one day alone. I did like the ending. Thank you for the tale.

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