The Nature Of One

The Nature Of One

“keep progressing forward and do not succumb to fear of living but, live to experience unbounded growth in your life” 1girl4adamwest

I observed with unabashed joy as the Red Robin soared through the clear southern sky, floating effortlessly in unison with the gentleness of the wind.  I watched the strong and agile wings on this striking bird, swaying back and forth above the earth as all the human inhabitants scurried about tending to their busy lives below, oblivious of its flight.  To my delight the bird landed swiftly, perching on top of an auburn branch connected to a huge and beautiful oak tree, mere yards from the park bench where I was sitting.  It was a breezy summer day and a glorious way to welcome a much-anticipated Saturday afternoon.  Red Robins have always caught my attention with their vibrant red color and their ability to greet daybreak with a song, unique to their own species.  These thoughts brought an instant smile to my lips.  I believe when one finds simplistically beautiful traits in nature one can find beauty in all things.  The bird suddenly flew away leaving the sound of fluttering branches behind as it ascended, back into the heavens.   

As the Robin disappeared into the distance, I was left with a sadness cast upon my thoughts and hovering over my body like a loaded rain cloud on the verge of expulsion.  In an instant, I could no longer appreciate the joyful afternoon as my sweet reflections faded into an abyss of darkness with inescapable emotions bringing heaviness upon my mind. 

I was constantly finding myself in the midst of those who seek thrills in order to quench their own thirst for excitement while engorging their whimsical actions to execute hidden agendas at the expense of another persons shame.

My nature is to believe the best in people and when revealed they are not naturally capable of good heartedness, it is usually after; unwanted sorrow and damage has seeped into my realm. 

These Beguilers fuel their voracious appetites with a plethora of adoration from naïve souls, flocking around their seemingly witty guise created exclusively for outward appearances.  They cavort around sporting their removable skins called altruism and benevolence, while effortlessly attracting the gullible that are captivated by their charisma.  Once their skins are abruptly removed, leaving their true spiteful nature exposed, the thrill is exhausted and they callously leave their aficionado stunned while casting them from their seemingly, charming graces. 

The unsympathetic and iniquitous freely slither around because; unfortunately their personalities are misjudged.  This is an eye-opening fall into sensibility, for the gullible.

I decided that Saturday afternoon, while sitting on a park bench, it was time to release the anger within and welcome the light, of a beautiful day, back into my orbit.  The warmth from the sun felt like a hug.  The world may have an abundance of shady souls but, this does not have to cloud my life.  Once we recognize and accept the nature of manipulative people we should immediately keep moving forward and away from their presence and thank God or whomever one believes in, that we still have ourselves.  The meaning of our existence remains intact.

I realize it is not about escaping emotions, it is about floating above contention and understanding how to let go of mistakes and being able to react with positivity and not condemn myself for human error.  I will not be tainted by the harshness of those who embrace double lives.  But, I shall continually and ceaselessly enjoy the beauty all around me, in spite of the unknown lurking about.    

Natural beauty that surrounds those who have the determination to see, can engulf darkness and ignite a brilliant flood of light while casting away recollections of misconstrued perceptions, regardless if it is, of certain people or events. 

I must understand these living lessons are meant to strengthen my resolve, in order to keep progressing forward and not succumb to fear of living but, live to experience unbounded growth in life and accept the fact, one cannot change the way of their nature, just like the Red Robin cannot change the brilliant red color of their bodies or the song they are born to sing.


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8 Responses to The Nature Of One

  1. poojycat says:

    I enjoyed reading it 🙂 now I am thinking through 🙂

    • It is a little out there but, I’m getting to the point where its all good as long as I have my life and I remember its more important now more than ever to live my dash and rise above all the yucky,,,its more fun doing that anyway! Ha!

  2. diannegray says:

    I thought this was quite sad until I got to this point and then it lifted me up! “The world may have an abundance of shady souls but, this does not have to cloud my life.” (brilliant)

    I love the analogy to the red robin and the red writing and the red theme.

    Fantastic work 🙂

  3. Thought provoking and deep. Very well written, my friend.

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