Would I be audacious in predicating, all of our lives appear to be translucent? 

I have been envisioning a light inside of us shinning brilliantly.  This translucently incandescent light force passes through the core of our essence, perhaps distorting our sometimes hasty interpretation of others.  Many times we unknowingly have deceiving preconceptions of our attempts to immediately see past the permeating light. 


We can be fully conscious the person is not clearly visible at the moment yet we endeavor to scratch the surface of particular people bringing forth, what is not immediately conspicuous.

It has been stated one can be, “translucent but not transparent”. 

Once clarity, which we perceive or interpret, has come to fruition, inside our own minds, the knowledge of what we decide to accept becomes our preference; if we are not accurately deciphering who we are attempting to discern, inevitably this becomes our own personal dilemma. 

Once illumination is transparent (if this is possible) it presents us with a choice, to remain or depart from the true existence of the light.


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8 Responses to Clarity

  1. diannegray says:

    Have I told you yet that you are brilliant?
    Wow – there aren’t words in the English language to explain how lovely this is. It was hypnotic.

  2. YOU are brilliant my friend AND very brave to venture inside my minds way of interpreting my abstract concepts each time I burst with all these ideas swirling inside trying to escape and be understood…thank you for “getting me”. (((hugs)))

  3. Great thoughts here.

  4. So beautifully you captured the inner struggle of every mind. We all striving for this clarity. Love & Light to you.

  5. I appreciate how you honed into the “inner struggle of every mind.” Yes…exactly! Thank you for reading me, my friend! Love & Light to you always!!

  6. stuff I said says:

    I love how your mind works!

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